Monday, July 2, 2007

Ron Paul: The Humble Servant

Ron Paul Dresses As Poorly As His Internet Fans

While former front-runners like John WALNUTS! McCain go down the fundraising toilet, geek hero Ron Paul has reportedly pulled in an astounding $4 million in the second quarter of the year. Yes, that’s only a third of what Loser-To-Be McCain took, but McCain was supposed to raise millions more. Nobody expected Ron Paul to raise anything.

Which brings us to a problem, pictured above. The beloved Texas congressman/doctor/libertarian is walking around in “the Wal-Mart trousers and the ratty Reeboks,” according to shoe-blogger Manolo. Click here for more.

Editor's Note:
We are looking for pictures of Ron Paul's Shoes. We'd like to encourage everyone to take a picture of Ron Paul's shoes and email us the picture file or link to the picture so we can be sure to post it here on this blog! Thanks so much!

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Darren said...

I took the picture you have on your blog.

You're welcome!

Silouan said...

There's a man with good sense. Wear what's comfortable and don't waste a hundred bucks on stupid pretentious Italian power-loafers.

ANybody who'd wear simple, honest shoes will probably save money elsewhere too. That's what I want in a President who'll be spending *my* money.

SuperStretch said...

Considering he's an older gentleman, a comfortable shoe with good support is probably actually necessary. Maybe instead of "change" being the tagline for the presidential winner, how about "wisdom".